Finding Distressed And Foreclosed Properties By Sending Postcards

There is tremendous success in mailing postcards to everyone who is in the public records:

Newly filed foreclosures

People who have just filed bankruptcy

Heirs going through probate

Folks going through a divorce

People behind in their real estate taxes

Landlords who have just completed evictions

Distress comes in many forms. Many times the foreclosure is the result of a distress that has been going on for quite some time.

For example, a couple needed two incomes to qualify for a property. Now they are going through a divorce. One income cannot afford the property and struggles to make the payments. After several months, the foreclosure begins. The result of the divorce was the foreclosure.

By mailing to folks going through divorce, you may be able to help them before the foreclosure happens. We get a huge response this way and are able to help many homeowners.
This information is available at your local courthouse and in the legal paper. If money is an issue, go to the courthouse in person and copy the information in the foreclosure file onto the courthouse worksheet. Then either call, or knock on doors of homeowners.
As soon as you can afford it, subscribe to a service; it saves a lot of time. If you call your local courthouse, the foreclosure clerk should be able to tell you who publishes this information.